Take Courage


‘Isn’t that lovely, a sign telling us to take courage’ so went a back seat car conversation between my two Welsh grandmas many years ago. They were teetotal and did not realise it was an advert for beer!


This memory returned, when courage was a theme on one of my Intuitive Career Management courses. To listen to and act on our intuition, our inner wisdom, to change career or our work in some way can need courage, especially when it means change . Work can be paid or unpaid. It takes courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. Logic and others can tell us to do one thing but if our heart is telling us to do something else we need to listen or else we stop living our life in a way that is meaningful for us.


To live life with purpose or meaning, we need to grasp it is an individual interpretation of what a courageous option is. One woman on my course had a part time, highly influential role in her organisation. All the boxes for her ideal job were ticked except the one that said ‘enjoy what you do’. She needed courage to talk to her organisation to get a role that aligned to her purpose:  leading projects that help an organisation move forward. Another, a talented pianist, tired of teaching piano to youngsters just to get them into a good school, wanted to teach people passionate about piano and music. Her courageous option was to trust she would attract these and say no to others. Another was a successful Marketing Director wanting to fulfil his thwarted childhood ambition of being in the media. Rather than ‘down shift’ he wanted to ‘up shift’. Another wanted to stay at home and not work for a time.


Tips for taking courage


• Honour your own voice

• Explore what it is saying quietly

• Make it real, write out what it is saying to you,

• Check out what makes you feel alive

• Remember and acknowledge your talents to give you confidence

• Create options, remember a time you have been courageous

• Discuss your options with others.

• Notice your inner reaction when getting feedback. Disregard any that is not    

       realistic or encouraging

• Prepare your action plan carefully

• Believe in synchronicity

• Allow change to happen

• JBDI (just !! do it)