Intuitive Career Management

Manage your career by listening to your inner voice - the one that inspires you to use your talents, and giving it time in the conversations that help you decide what work to do.


To practice Intuitive Career Management I have developed two models which I  use in workshops and in my coaching practice. My clients say they work .....


 Realise How to be You


This gives people a road map on how to gather the information to start a dialogue between the rational mind and inner innate wisdom. It helps people move from a mind set of needing job security to acknowledging their employability so they are inspired.


Intuitive Career Management Process


This is a unique way of looking at the stages that a person in career transition passes through, preparing them for what to experience and identifying the steps to finding work that is best suited to their talents.  


Underpinning these are the concept of spiritual competencies - the less rational ways of allowing life and career to unfold in an inspirational way.






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Judith Mills