Liberty Within

Chaos can be liberating and frightening.  When everything is thrown up in the air by chaos it is a chance to understand ourselves, our strengths, our foibles, our shadows and our gifts. It can liberate us to be who we really are within; choose how we want to behave with others and what our work is. We can be expansive, innovative, flexible and more open to change. It gives us freedom to be leaders in our world however big or small that is, however formal or informal and to decide what the right way to do things is. We can say thank you, we can appreciate extra effort by an act of acknowledgment, we can listen when someone has a good idea to make a process more effective, we acknowledge when we are wrong and relationships become more authentic.  It also gives us wisdom to hold a safe space for those who find chaos frightening, supporting them to find their way through it to find their liberty within.


Some enjoy promoting the fear in chaos. Some use it to their own ego driven ends. Liberty within gives us confidence in our core so we recognise fear and are not dragged down by it. Core is not just strong core muscles in our abs! It’s developing a strong centre on  mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When we are in yoga terms ‘grounded’ by this core strength, we are clear about ourselves, our values and ethics. We have more flexibility. We know how we can connect to the chaotic energy and movement to make a difference to our own lives, as well as other’s lives and the world, if we and they so choose. We ride the chaos wave.


In 1986 I went to a conference for European Personnel Managers in the Barbican. The futurists who talked said the world in the 21st Century was going to be one of climate change, technology changing the way we work, an ageing population helping fuel a pensions crisis and financial systems in chaos. The reality of their predictions helps me take some Eso-twitter seriously.


One Eso-twitter I read this week suggested those of us who were not in the higher levels of the change could help by simply appreciating the smallest of things in our lives. Thanks for reading this!


I enjoy reading and listening to Eso-twitter. By this I mean what those who are, or claim to be the current seers, are saying. My analytic mind asks how can they can see or feel what is going to happen in the future. There is part of me that knows it’s an ancient tradition respected in many in days gone by. It is also a scientific tradition. Scientists ask ‘what if’ and carry out research to prove or disprove their ‘what ifs’.


So what is the ‘Eso-twitter’ that has prompted my thoughts now? The year 2012 is important in a number of cultures but particularly the Mayan, who say the world will end then. There are enough world conflict hotspots that this could be a reality. `It could also be that the world as we know it will end. Some of the other Eso-twitter is that 2012 is the start of an age of love, compassion and a different state of awareness or consciousness.


In the immediate gratification world we are used to in the West we think, or perhaps want to think to make life easier, that change happens ‘just like that’. We will wake up some time in 2012 when there will be no wars, famine, and poverty.  We will all have inner peace, businesses will be thriving, everyone will recognise each other for effort and contribution to organisational success and we will have money, love and everything we want. We know from experience, that life is not like that for many. The Eso-twitter says before we reach a state which is simpler and compassionate, chaos will happen. That there will be disasters which will give us the opportunity to be different, to perhaps work together and collaborate in a different way.


There was a great programme on BBC4, The Secret Life of Chaos, now on U Tube. Ancients and particularly Pythagoras’s saw the Universe in terms of numbers and mathematical equations. Everything was in proportion and there is a spontaneous energy which causes chaos- both theories proven by modern scientists as outlined in the programme. We are certainly in a chaotic period where order is changing. For example I am hearing the current reduction in staff is causing even more chaos- more work, less time to think,  focussing on processes rather than people and work and life not in balance.