Knowing and Discovery


I am sure I have been an octopus in a past life! I have tentacles in a number of worlds: organisations; Wales and all things Welsh; London and Harrow; things mystical and spiritual; personal development my own and others; the future; following politics and The Arts of every sort; practical volunteering to make a difference. What interests me is that they are intertwining more now than they ever have.


In 1985 I attended a Personnel Conference in the Barbican which was about the future trends we could expect in the C21st, some of which were dramatic to my ears then. Many trends are now a reality. The Conference talked about finding different ways of doing things, the traditional ways of conducting business, politics, our lives would not serve any more; the paradigm shifts, words now common in our 2012 language.


A few weeks ago I met up with someone I coached 8 years ago who is in the financial sector. ‘Judith’ he said ‘it has all changed. The old rules have gone and we don’t know what to do’. The Today programme on 22nd December focussed on this...the paradigm shift when things change so much there is no going back to the old way. It’s now being opening talked about and Astrologers have been saying for years this was going to happen now. Pluto is prominent in the heavens at this time, god of the underworld who brings things out of the dark, that which needs to be looked at as it may no longer serve us. It makes us look at our structures and find the new. It is a reminder we can shape our future if we use our knowledge and experience wisely. This can be at a personal or collective level; read Richard Tarnas’s book Cosmos and Psyche for more on this.


It’s tough when the rules that have guided are no longer appropriate. We have to access something else: knowing is one option. Knowing is the part of you that knows what is true for you. It can be based on your view of your world, as it comes from experience and knowledge, the tangible. But if the tectonic plates of the world and our world are shifting, which they are, knowing can need updating! This can start with not knowing what is true anymore and resulting in searching, often after a period of uncertainty and all the emotions that brings up.


The search can be active: reading books, being open about the not knowing and talking and listening to others, immersing oneself in the Arts which can have relevant messages, studying ancient storeys that contain Universal Truths, prayer. Or it can be passive: listening to music, being in nature, meditation, visiting sacred sites, duvet days, just being. We can ask for inspiration or we can receive it without asking, not always easy as you then know you have to do something you had not planned! The timing in these things is not always ours.


Whatever, it demands openness and receptivity, allowing other streams of information to feed into our pool of knowledge until we say ‘that’s it’ and we know the right thing to do. A Eureka moment! A discovery! Discovery is about change.


May we have the courage in 2012 to go into not knowing and discover things about ourselves, others and the world, that will help us all move through the chaos we are working through currently.