Course comments

The workshop has helped me to see very clearly how to overcome my fears around moving forwards and given me confidence in my ability to do this. J.B. Charity Director


Judith’s style was appropriate throughout.  Good mixture of involving people and making them feel comfortable to be open. Direct when necessary to keep people focused and to-the-point. Knowledgeable. Sense-of-humour. A.E. Manager Building Supplies


I realised I need to be positive and open. Recognising the things I like, acknowledging what has value for me - allowing new ideas and opportunities come to me. Doing my purpose statement was really useful J.W. Charity Sector


The visualisation techniques were great, as this isn't something I've really tapped into before.  This made me realise how important it is to 'be' rather than 'do' all the time. J.E. Manager Heritage Sector


I enjoyed the workshop. Having a structure was helpful to focus my thoughts.  I have done some work on my values recently and am currently very interested in strengths and I think this helped.  I found the tearing up exercise therapeutic!  J.W. Management Consultant


Judith's style is knowledgeable, informal, calming and not `in your face`. Fun person and good storyteller. M.J. Manager Publishing


The concepts were interesting and the model was easy to follow.  It felt practical and I think could be really revelatory for some in that it helps develop self-awareness.  I enjoyed the spiritual elements of the course and the way you linked them with application to the present - career, relationship - a good balance.  A.J. Nutritionist


I was absorbed by a set of activities such that I felt like I had been on a weeks holiday! My mind was refreshed and clearer about what I need to do and be. During the day I felt privileged to be part of a fellowship that contributed significantly to its overall success.

I.C. Business Transformation Manager  - BT