No I don’t, yes you can


I got an email from the organiser of the London Yoga Festival asking if I would run sessions on Intuitive Yoga. My reply was I do Intuitive Career Management and teach Yoga but don’t combine them. Then an inner voice said ‘practice what you preach’. Two principles of Intuitive career management were playing out.


Role Jigsaws

A future role will combine past experience in a different configuration. It’s a new jigsaw. You combine pieces of your experience that have not been combined before. So I did a 2 hour introduction to the Intuitive Career Management process and used Yoga postures to aid reflection.

it is good to have a few pieces missing in the new role jigsaw to allow something to emerge in this space; a challenge to help you grow, a new view of yourself and your career, experience for a role which is still to emerge in the future.

My experience is that people have been so busy over the last few years they forget what they have done, and what they like doing, what gives them a joyful sense of achievement. It is very difficult to view a new opportunity with clear eyes and a 'I will have a go’ outlook when you have not got the full facts about yourself!


Practical tip

Regularly take 30 minutes to write out what you have achieved, what you have liked doing and what has stretched you to become who you are today; what roles others have done or you have seen adverts for, that lift your spirits and you hear an inner voice ‘I would love to do that’ or ‘I can do that’. When you feel the need to change or have a forced change, life is a lot easier if you have conscious awareness of yourself. Helps you create your role jigsaw.


Future Focussed


It takes courage to get out of the comfort zone and change. It takes courage to be positive and future focussed when the world around is one of doom, gloom and sensational news reports. It takes courage to move on when change is forced on you and when you are broken hearted as life is not as you thought it should be. Courage comes from the French word for heart. When we are heartbroken it’s not easy to be future focussed in an authentic way. A friend Joan Shafer was a marshal at the recent US Open. She talked about Tiger Woods as being Future Focussed. What a great term. He played a bad shot, felt and acknowledged it and moved on. By the time he was playing his next shot he was in his future zone. The inspirational message for the Courage Angel Card from the Transformation Game created by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake almost 30 years ago is as follows. Face what is in front of you squarely and fearlessly. Discover the truth held in your heart and act on it.*


Practical tip

Acknowledge which of your ideas, beliefs and roles, are outdated and are now baggage or saboteurs, stopping you feel the truth in your heart. Let them go and then face what is in front of you and act on your future focussed truth


And...what happened at my sessions at the London Yoga Festival....there will be another blog!