About me

I have worked for organisations and in organisations for most of my life and I learnt very early on that intutition was a great guide. When I baulked at a decision and did what was expected, the choice came around again and i did what was right for me.  


With all the changes in the world and organisations making career paths less clear, I have developed Intuitive Career Management. It’s about combining the wisdom we all have inside us with the aspect that achieves and accomplishes to reveal what we want or need to do in this world. Intuitive Career Management is now integrated into my coaching and I run workshops on it. People who have attended them include Executives of large organisations, management consultants, publishing editors, local authority career advisors, not for profit managers, bankers, teachers, NHS managers.


My career started in a very interesting way after a Degree in Geography and Diploma in Personnel Management when I worked in the personnel department in a factory that made oil and air filters for cars. I then joined Marks and Spencer and was with them for 14 years in Stores and Head Office.  Some of the initiatives I was part of included: leadership and personal development training, introducing counselling skills into management training, Chairing Interview panels and Selection Centres, creating new appraisal systems for the company, developing a competencies framework, writing and taking one day courses, and creating a learning centre.


I then spent 4 years at KPMG career coaching people whose jobs had disappeared and helping organisations manage restructures. It was there that I recognised my creativity  I trained managers in how to manage big projects and in work counselling skills. I rewrote the Life and Career Planning manual and developed with a colleague a course using intuitive techniques to gain insight into a future path. After 2 years as a Director with Management Career Development, I made a life change and set up my own business.  


I have been on a variety of personal development quests to make sense of my life and life generally and enjoy integrating the commercial and personal development worlds. I have studied a range of approaches including NLP, Image work, Appreciative Inquiry,  Values Assessments, Frameworks Coaching Process, counselling and coaching skills. I have also been a yoga teacher.


I am Welsh, have lived in London for 26 years. I retreat to Criccieth in North Wales regularly to be nurtured by the mountains, sea, nature, and people.



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