Intuitive Career Managment

The world of work is changing: sectors, jobs, roles are disappearing in recessions and new ones emerging in different arenas. Career structures are not as clear as they were. People are often too busy to think about their work and do not have the self awareness, career management tools or an up to date knowledge of what opportunities are available to make an informed decision about their future.


What is my life about? Is this it? Where does work fit into my life? Am I allowed to do what I feel I should be doing? What am I passionate about? How can I get work that is meaningful? Can I enjoy work? These are questions people are asking in these times where change is a constant and the security work once gave is shaky.  There was a time organisations helped people answer these questions but now they are expected to answer them themselves and be responsible for their own careers.


There is also a wake-up call for people to get work where they can contribute to making a difference in the world. This can be from the simplest of paid jobs to voluntary work to leading organisations.


Work can match and enhance our skills and talents, we can feel passionate and joyful about it and we can be of service in our place in the world.


Intuitive Career Management has been developed by Judith Mills, who has over 20 years experience as a Career Coach. Intuitive Career Management is about combining the wisdom we all have inside us with the aspect that achieves and accomplishes to reveal what we want or need to do in this world. She developed it as she saw the tried and tested ways of career management were no longer sufficient. She saw a need to include current thinking on personal development and conscious evolution and her own insights on the process people follow when changing roles, jobs and organisations.


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